Founded, in 2012, with the fundamental concept that teams need better collaboration tools. Legacy tools are either just management tools, or are too simplistic for business use. Collaboration tools are not what you do, they should help you do what you do: and be virtually invisible to the user.


Our founder David Smith is a serial entrepreneur with extensive industry experience in artificial intelligence, big data products, productivity solutions and corporate consulting. He received an MBA - Columbia Business School, PE - University of the State of NY, EE - University of Washington.

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The value proposition of Qikspace is data, status and interactions are securely backed up /synced automatically to multiple devices with no human intervention. Use Qikspace, and you are securely backing up your data, categorizing your interactions and updating status


The world we live in gets more and more complicated every day. Companies, individuals & teams deal with and increased velocity of information, have more diverse sources of data, and at volumes that have become staggering. Traditional design solutions focus on siloed solutions to siloed singular issues, neglecting the complexity of the environment. Qikspace focused on the envirnment and solved the complexity issue, which makes the silos more intuitive, productive, flexible and functional.

It is not that some of the great technology companies like; Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and others dont have great design teams. It is that they have a highly structured environment, predefined technology stacks and legacy systems that hinder there solution process. Not to mention the pressure not to undermine the sales of existing product offerings. This being said, the big companies have all the resources to be innovative but their culture and legacy issues inhibit the process.

Qikspace recognized that the existing product offerings from the large vendors have not been keeping pace with the expectations of their clients. Clients want reduced IT costs, reduced management costs, retention of corporate knowledge, integration of social platforms and mobility. Qikspace set out to rethink the user experience and the sales process. The user experience included more flexibility, enhanced mobility, systems integration, big data, dynamic teams and reduced training. The sales process changes need to make this new IT environment work included an inversion of the traditional corporate IT sales and rollout process. Traditional IT sales include the tailoring of solutions to exact business problems creating a unique solution that required users to be trained extensively not only in the technology but also the process. Qikspace found that with the advent of SaaS solutions, users wanted flexibility to turn services on and off, this meant that the base framework had to be flexible not rigid and the add on services had to be intuitive so that a user could spool them up on demand. In other words, creating identifiable value to the user that keeps the using the product, maintains corporate knowledge and enables reassignment of work to another.

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Qikspace lets simple things be simple, and gives you the tools you need to handle more complex situations.
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