Access Unstructured Data

Structuring the 80%
of your data that is unstructured enables access, retention and easy collaboration.
Qikspace contextualizes unstructured data making it accessible to LLMs, enabling augmentation of individuals knowledge base, visualizations, immersive data & situational analysis with AR, and access to billions of pieces of relevant references.

Qikspace reduces the friction of today's interaction environment, increases efficiency and powers the future of AI, ML, AR, and the Metaverse. contextualizes Try it: Transorm the way you access, manage and visualize your data & interactions.

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Working together has never been more challenging. Workers are in multiple locations, solutions are more diverse, and employee tenure is shorter than ever. In order to collaborate efficiently you need access to ALL pertinent data, the best industry practices, and easy visualization of the options available. Qikspace is the solution to help you find exactly what you need when you need it.

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Contextualizing Your Data

Do you realize 80% of your current data is not accessible to all who need it. This inaccessible data consists of; documents, spreadsheets, presentations, proposals, contacts, pictures, videos, designs, and frameworks. Do you and others you collaborate with need access to this information? If you don't need access to all your stuff you don't need Qikspace.

See who is best suited to solve a problem, find the best sequence, track real-time status. Newton AI helps to find commonalities, detect issues, formulate visualizations and improve performance.

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Augmentation Enabled (AI & AR)

All your stuff can now be visualized. See your data the interactions that transacted the data & the situation it was associated with. Having all the pieces allows ehanced analysis, such as: anomoly detection, skill extension, situation specific references, and improved progress tracking. Augmentation of your individual skills, workforce, and best practices, brings a whole new dimension to how you and your organization work.

A New Approach to File Access

A new type of workspace. McKinsey reported that 61% of a workday is spent looking for things: That's crazy. Qikspace Spaces helps you find stuff, visualize stuff, analyze stuff, whiteboard stuff, do things, and communicate easily. Working together is easier than ever,using our unique contextualization methods AR and intelligence augmentation is now possible.

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Legacy Data Conversions

Historical information is just as critical as contemporaneous data in the efficient operation of your business. Do you want to move your business forward? If so, explore how Qikspace's tailored solutions. can make it possible. Unleash the creativity of your teams, and find out how access to data can change how you work and compete.CRM is not the solution for many businesses and ERPs need better data sources. If you are struggling with access to the other 80% of your data and want to move you business into the future, then try Qikspace.

Develop your next app with Qikspace SDK