Get things done!

The smart organizer

Qikspace is a smart organizer, that keeps you in touch with the; people, conversations, events, tasks, workspaces and content - involved in everyday interactions.

Qikspace takes the mobile device to a whole new level of security, privacy and ease of use. Try it: it's simple.

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Capture Everything

Things happen during a meeting or event. Share pictures, notes, have chats, and exchange files with ease; or, capture it just for your own use. No more emailing of content to others.

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Share To-Dos

Create, share and track a To-Do.
reassign it. status it. approve it. find it.

ENTIRE PROJECTS or SIMPLE TASK LISTS: See who can do it, find the best sequence, or track real-time status through a supply chain. Powered by Qikspace's Newton AI engine.

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Bring It All Together

Organize all your stuff in Topics or projects. Create your own custom topics; even if they are created in other apps, or by other people. Group things the way YOU want, or let Newton assist you. Newton sees it first, in realtime.


A workplace for individuals or teams. McKinsey reported that 61% of a workday is spent looking for things: That's crazy. We undestand working together is more than sharing files and group messaging. Find what you need; save 15% to 23% of your workday doing it.

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Qikspace for Business

In addition to the student and small business offerings, there are enterprise solutions. Unleash the creativity of your teams and become more innovative. Make sense of your projects, customers, content, communications, and interactions. Be ready for the 5G revolution.

Develop your next app with Qikspace SDK