Frequently Asked Questions (faq)

Q: What are your release dates?

A: Qikspace is currently in a closed testing phase. Invitations to the beta will be issued as industry segments and space becomes available. We encourage anyone who is interested in using Qikspace to submit their name and contact information ASAP. Invitations will be on a first come first serve basis. The sooner you sign up the sooner you will become a user!

Q: How is Qikspace different?

A: Qikspace contextualizes the other 80% of your data and provides seamless and enhanced access to it. Qikspace handles: meetings, tasks, status, identification of participants, and content management. Qikspace makes all your intereactions, as seamless as Slack makes communication.

Q: Why is Qikspace disruptive?

A: The way organizations & individuals work and interact has been changing rapidly. However, enterprise class solutions such as email, CRM's and ERP's have not kept pace with this change. Qikspace through its contextualization technology empowers AR and LLMs like ChatGPT to make sense of all your info.

Q: Does everyone in an interaction need to be a Qikspace user?

A: No, you can interact with non-Qikspace users. Non-users are sent email or text links that allow them to interact directly, or thru a web portal.

Q: Do all my contacts get sent to the cloud?

A: No. Qikspace stores collected contact information on your device. Contact information is only sent to the cloud when you have interacted with that contact or if they become a Qikspace member. Information is sent to the cloud to complete the transaction, sync to other devices and store the content and interaction.

Q: Are there different editions of Qikspace?

A: Different tailored solutions are offered. We understand that the feature requirements, size of teams, analytics and management differ for each individual user. It is our goal to provide the most user friendly, and cost effective tool to our users.

Q: Can I share content to an Event, Task or Workspace from a folder on my desktop?

A: Yes, Qikspace has a folder on your desktop that has subfolders for all your Qikspace content (Events, Tasks and Workspaces). Drag and drop whatever you want into the folder, and it will be shared with the others without any additional interaction. If you want the content to not be shared put in in the private subfolder. Note: It is also possible to create new meetings, tasks and workspaces directly from the folder. Start a folder name with #Event, #Task or #Space (TM) and it is automatically created.

Q: What career opportunities are there at Qikspace?

A: If you are best in class at what you do and want to work in a progressive and equal opportunity environment then we should connect. We care about your skill, motivation, and desire to make peoples lives better (more than where you went to school). If you have got what it takes, apply for a position.

Q: Do you have migration tools available?

A: Migration tools will be provided to migrate your existing stuff. Current migration tools enable Google Mail, MS Outlook, MS Exchange, iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, One Note, MS Office, Sharepoint and others. We recognize that email and some existing legacy systems will be part of our lives for quite some time and we will continue to support these platforms.

Q: How does Qikspace handle security?

A: Security of user's information and data is the highest priority at Qikspace. We encourage the reporting of any copyright infractions and potential breaches of your account.

Q: What if I lose my password?

A: In the event that you have lost your password. Please go to the login screen and select “Forgot Password” you will be prompted for the email associated with your account. A link will be sent to the associated email address with a new password and ability to change this password. We encourage users to keep their password secure.

Q: How do I retreive lost info in the Qikspace system?

A: If your info appears to be lost by the system we encourage that you initially go to the File area and view recently deleted items or File History. File history will allow you to see previous versions. Should this not be successful then please contact customer support

Q: How do I close my account?

A: If you choose to close your Qikspace account you will be given 30 days to retrieve your data from our servers.

Q: How do I retrieve my data when others close an area?

A: Should an event, workspace, or task be closed by the originator of that event you will be given an opportunity to save your personal content saved within the designated area. Users should note that if the area was hosted by the initiator then then content will be transferred to the users account and the content will assessed against the users plan. For example if you had 2GB of data in this area previously that content did not count to towards your account limit. If it is saved to your area it will now be counted towards your account limit.

Q: Can I manage multiple accounts in Qikspace?

A: It is possible to manage multiple accounts from a single users account. Depending on your account type this could be for billing purposes only or it could be for complete account management. Please review the details of your account type.

Q: How can I set up a private cloud?

A: If you have an Enterprise, Hosting or Government account you could be using a private cloud solution vs the Qikspace cloud solution. If this is the case then you need to contact your System Manager or IT department for support.

Q: How do I integrate corporate management tools with my account?

A: Enterprise users have extensive account and user management features. Due to the security requirements of individual accounts please contact your system manager for information on transferring accounts, transferring work materials/projects to a new user or to receive additional rights for existing or new users.

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