The simplicity of texting, the complexity of email, and the advantages of team communication: all without the current limitations. Once a Message thread is started, the context of the communication is categorized by the system; It knows what task, event, workspace or email you are referring to. See across all teams, topics, accounts and people: Qikspace knows what files are associated with a message even if they are not attached.

Additional Messaging features includes: Click on message and see the source topic, Messages contain greater numbers of attachments and greater file sizes. Plus, a file tree can be attached to a Message. If the user has chosen to sync correspondence the downloads will be completed in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

Finally, the system (with permissions granted) searches and categorizes past and current emails from all types of messaging and email sources. Qikspace can even make sense of your aliases and keep communications on the correct thread.

Contextualized Communication.
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