Tasks can be To-Do's, Dispatch's, Assignments, Exams, or Surveys.

To-Do's can be a simple grocery list, an entire project or a complete supply chain. To effectively execute tasks; they need to be assigned, reassigned, statused, tracked, and archived. Most task management tools are either too simple or too complicated. Qikspace uses its own Ball-In-Court (BIC) tracking tool, so all interested parties always know the exact status of a task and will be notified if any current action is required by them.

Assignments and Exams are perfect for school, institutional or work training environments. Answers can be text, a picture, file, video or audio clip

Surveys allow quantitative and qualitative feedback on a given subject. Understand a users position, opinion or perform an analysis.

It is now possible for users to see only what is important to them in real-time. Feed the more complex tasks into an administrator portal: without human intervention.
An AI enabled solution enhances the experience for; students, shoppers, construction companies, service providers, maintenance personnel, surveyors... A system capable of interfacing into; inventory, POS, logistics, scheduling, ERP and CRM systems. Empowering the manufustomer, mobile worker, office worker, manufacturer and administrator.

Even if you're an E-tailer trying to fill your customers needs; or a manufacturer trying to manage a just-in-time supply chain; Qikspace changes the way it gets done with its Newton AI engine.

Qikspace event
Captures: notes, comments, pictures, conversations and file versions.
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