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Mission Statement --

Help teams get things done; by facilitating their communications, interactions, tasks, content and workflow. Qikspace is an enterprise class solution with the ease of use and cost of a consumer product. Qikspace helps you and your team get things done.

Value proposition --

Qikspace manages your shared communications channels, shared file spaces and enables enhanced sharing across other solutions providers. With the Qikspace solution you can see what is being done with whom and why, set timeout periods for any communication file share or other interactions. Never before has some much power been given to the user and associated organization, the Qikspace AI base enables big data solutions thta have never been possible before Qikspace.

Positioning Statement --

For the billions of mobile individuals, students and business people who work and interact in dynamic ways. Qikspace makes work and working together easier than ever before. Qikspace enables the 5G revolution and will disrupt the team,communication and project interaction markets.

Origin Story --

A Seattle based startup founded in 2012 by serial entrepreneur David Smith, bootstrapped with $20 million. www.qikspace.com

Competitors --

Microsoft and Slack are primary competitors, Qikspace takes a different approach to the market than its competitors. Others believes the base issue facing users is communication and file sharing. Qikspace's found that the issue is the overwhelming flow of; content, communication, subjects, meetings, and deliverables. Dropbox, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, SAP and Salesforce are entities that need to integrate the Qikspace platform.

Current Users --

Qikspace is launching to the general public in the first quarter of 2020


Qikspace info --

Contact info --

David Smith, Founder & CEO Dsmith@qikspace.com C +1-732-673-2370

Qikspace feature set

Qikspace feature set

Qikspace feature set

Qikspace feature set

Qikspace feature set

Qikspace feature set

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