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Workflows become intelligent, interactions personalized, collaboration seamless, data contextualized, processes visualized, and organizations are more agile. Qikspace ensures: secure data access, reduced AI costs, AI-workflow integration, rapid AI deployment, and data & usage governance. Interact with others regardless of differing platforms, plus deploy AR/XR/VR interfaces for xD visualizations.

Qikspace can be used with no-configuration, or for advanced users, a guided step by step deployment. Qikspace is offered as a mobile app, desktop app, and webportal

CONSULTANTS AVIALABLE FOR: Workflow modernization, Supply-Chain AI, AI strategy, AI deployment, AI using private data, Data preparation & contextualization, 3D-xD Data visualization.
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Deploy your AI on Qikspace

Deploy & Govern Multiple AI's

AI is transforming how businesses operate, innovate, and deliver value - all while improving accuracy & efficiency. Qikspace facilitates customers where ever they are on this AI & Cloud journey. Helping make sense of data, contextualizing info, allowing processes to be visualized, and structuring organizations to be more agile. Take your first step towards infusing AI into your company processes. The Qikspace Staircase approach will help you manage understand and manage the complexity, cost and risk of an AI deployment.

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Workflow Intelligence & Agility

Do you realize 85% of your current data, and 97% of your historical data, is not accessible to all who need it, when they need it. Imagine 100% of data seamlessly integrated into Topics, Workspaces, Events, Tasks, Messaging/Chats, Files, and Notes. Access to data is imperative to efficient workflow. Know who and how, and what with you are interacting.

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Processes Augmented

Imagine if you could see everything you want to see in the format you want to see it in. Now you can see it, analyze it, dissect it, and even immersively visualize it. View the path your data took, the context it was associated with, explore the multitude of options that can provide alternative results. Experience augmentation of your individual skills, company's business model skills, and increase best practice references.

A New Approach to Information Access

Qikspace is a contextualized intuitive workplace. McKinsey reported that "61% of a workday is spent looking for things": that's crazy. Qikspace finds solutions, sources information, exchanges ideas, helps whiteboard initiatives, or simply just does things on your behalf. Qikspace and its evolutionary information access techniques make personalized AI deployment & AR/XR/VR a reality and immersive computing globally intuitive.

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Legacy Data Conversions

Historical information is just as critical as contemporaneous data in the efficient operation of your business. Do you want to move your business up and forward? If so, explore how Qikspace's Data Modernization approach and AI Staircase can help tailor solutions and/or elevate the creativity of your teams.

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