Did you know that 80% of your data is not easily accessible! Unfortunately this is the portion of the data that is most critical to everyday operations and if accessible would allow workers to be more productive & innovative. McKinsey estimates that 61% of your workday is spent looking for things. This is why Qikspace has created a collaboration and contextualization tool that enables user to find information/data more efficiently.

Accessible and organized data allows the user to visualize interactions, data-revisions, and find outliers with ease. Once the data situation is cleaned up, Teams can work much more efficiently. The barriers that have prohibited distributed teams from being effective have been torn down.

If you need access to the other 80% of your data then look no further than Qikspace. By the way Qikspace can also contextualize your legacy data. Having all your data available allows for better modeling, business analytics and increased market awareness.

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Making Data Accessible
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