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Objective Statement --

Help expertss expand their markets: by leveraging technology to improve the ideal market position, diversify profitability, expand brand visibility, become digitally more efficient and reduce operational risk. Today is the time to reassess your business work flow and unlock the 80% of your data that is currently critically inaccessible to your AI systems, or be run over by your competitors who do take enhanced action. Let Qikspace help you leverage advancing technology shift, deploy AI, and become better than you ever could before.

Why Qikspace Can Get You There --

Qikspace is generated from on 10+ years of research into data contextualization methods designed to simplify each individual's access to data & interactions based on over 20+ years of developing and deploying enterprise data and user interation technology. We have studied the problems of many of the largest companies in the world and explored the complexities created when they interact with some of the smallest companies, their suppliers. The WHOLE supply chain matters to all members of the supply chain; hence, communication and distribution of changes is mission critical. Qikspace has the structure for your team so they can get it done.

Positioning Statement --

Qikspace is poised as an enabling technology: Qikspace feeds data to ERPs, CRMs, AIs, and then organizes data as well as interactions so it is understandable to the user. Data is presented in 2D, 3D and a unique xD format that enables AR & VR, and immersive computing.

Origin Story --

Spawned from the David Smith's previous data analytics firm and solidified ss a PhD proposal for the founder's studies at MIT, which turned into an independent research company and ultimately evolved as a commercial cross-functional product.

Competitors --

Microsoft and Salesforce are primary competitors; Qikspace takes a different approach to the market than its competitors. Others believe the base issue facing users is communication, file sharing and analytics. Qikspace found that the issue is the overwhelming, unstructured and non-contextualized overlooked flow of: content, communication, subjects, meetings, and deliverables. This stuff is 80% of a company's data, and the most critical for day to day operations transparency and AI learning, & AI deployment,. Dropbox, Facebook, Amazon, IBM, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, SAP and Salesforce are entities integrated into the Qikspace platform.

How to get Qikspace --

Qikspace will deploy as Qikspace Experimental in the Google Play store June 2024 and as a desktop app in the Qikspace Portal.


Contact info --

E: info@qikspace.com
C: +1-732-673-2370

Qikspace feature set

Qikspace feature set

Qikspace feature set

Qikspace feature set

Qikspace feature set

Qikspace feature set

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