AR/VR/XR & Immersive Computing

The world is changing rapidly while everyone is being effected by new technologies that are disrupting how they approach business. Successful businesses need scaleable and innovative ways to stay competitive, be relevant and build customer confidence. The status quo is getting blown up start updating your business today.

Process Augmentation

Intelligent workflows, personalized interactions, contextualized data, visualized processes, and agile organizations. Reduced AI costs using shared a globally AI model, increased data security & data access control, and allow rapid deployment of AI for solutions. Interactions sourced from any other systems, so users can seamlessly interact regardless of the data platform or interaction platform they use.



Independent Consultants, Gig Workers, Freelancers, Bloggers, Content Creators, or Anyone That Wants To Do It All


Contractors, Engineers, Wholesalers, Fabricators, Architects, Developers, Banks, Bonding Companies


Manufacturing Facilities, Parts Suppliers, Quality Control, Automation Vendors

Business Processes

CRM users, Finance, Travel, Handling, Transport, Insurance Companies, Accounting Firms, Designer Firms, Tool Makers, Big Data Firms, AI Firms, Software Companies

Bankers & Traders

Document Tracking, Versioning, Touch Point Identification, Event Interaction Reconciliation

Retail and Direct to Consumer

Bricks and Mortar stores, Online Stores, Fashion Designers, Apparel Manufacturers, Hardware providers, Software providers


Regional Distributors, Sales Reps, Logistics Providers, Factoring Companies, Flooring Financial Services

Process Automation

Robotics, Vision Systems, Distributed Learning, Industry 4.0, Chemical, Pulp & Paper, Bottling, Steel, Recyling

Energy & Communications

Solar, Nuclear, Power Generation, WWTP, WTP, Cellular, Satellite, Fiber Optic, Radar, Microwave

Supply Chain

Ports, Shippers, Rail, Truckers, Warehouses, Air Freight, Freight Sorters, International Customs, Blockchain, Last Mile Distribution


Manufacturers, Fabricators, Transport Companies, Service Networks, Parts Networks, Regulation Compliance

Automotive & Heavy Equipment

Automotive Plants, Conveyor Systems, Baggage Handling, Equipment Manufacturers, Dealer Networks, Parts Distribution, Service Networks, Live Quality Monitoring


Military Fixed Price Contracts, IDIQ Contracts, Contract Compliance, Project Acceptance Processes

Government Contracting

Design Build, DBOM, Contract Compliance, Keeping a Project Moving Forward, Dispute Resolution, Adjudication Processes, Bid Strategies, Unit Price Compliance

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