Schedule, track, plan, and communicate seamlessly.


See all interactions and know who has seen what.

Sales and Marketing

No more CRM tagging. Capture all the interactions with no human intervention. See what has been done with a client.


What has been done or is due. Plus a single view of interactions.


Know what is due, capture interactions during meetings, see all client interactions.


See revision histories, track deliverables and share securely.

Remote Workers

See and search conversations, find attachments and know what is due when.

On Demand Workforce

Adaptive workflow management augmented with an artificial intelligence engine.


Take and share notes, work together with others and share easily.

Teachers & Instructors

Share lesson plans, handouts and reference materials. Keep in contact with your students.


Monitor the process and control project without a complex setup.

Maintenance and Service Organizations

Assign or reassign work, communicate with techs and provide support.

Office Managers

Meetings and tasks are easy and quick to implement.

Trucking and Logistics Personnel

Communicate and share information freely. Document the process.

Groups and Associations

Share the interactions of a meeting freely, distribute easily and track assigned tasks.

Field Survey Personnel

During an appointment capture; pictures, notes, recording, video and files.

Dynamic Teams

Capture conversations, content, meetings and tasks> Plus easily reassign work with complete knowledge retention.


Everyday Life

Make a to-do, schedule an appointment or share content seamlessly. Qikspace allows you to attach files, pictures, videos, communications, notes and anything else to your; To-Do's, Appointments, or File Share workspaces.
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