What Tableau and Microsoft BI does for data, Qikspace does for interactions, data and data-lifecycle issues. Why is this a game changer for the data analytics world? First - Having the contextual relevance of an interaction or data exchange, is highly correlated to the efficiency and accuracy of the ML & AI analysis. Second - Having an AI framework (Qikspace's Newton AI) that enhances ML & AI learning through its contextual relevance, enhances the user experience, allows more indepth modeling of data, and enables customized workflows. Third - It increases productivity. Fourth - It enables a streamlined way for companies interact with their, employees, data, vendors and customers. Fifth - It is much more affordable and easily deployable, than the traditional enterprise class solutions.

Qikspace is here today to solve these monumental institutional challenges that require; risk reduction, knowledge retention, increased productivity and decreased cost. Plus, Qikspace's agility and no-code setup makes it a perfect fit for today's dynamic business environment.

Qikspace empowers the new world!

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