Newton AI Structures the Other 80%

Qikspace's Newton AI engine contextualizes & manages; team interactions, data versioning, project progress and institutional processes. Enabling dynamic teams, reassignment of work, data-tracking, reversions, and institutional knowledge retention. It is the only solution that enables realtime input of interactions & progress; Inclusive of tasks, events, meetings, virtual-workspaces, files, communications, reassignments, and supply-chain issues. A simplified visualization is created for the user, a dashboard for the manager, and analytics for the organization. Unlike traditional AI or project and process management software, Qikspace captures ALL the interactions; starting with the sales process through the production process, close-out process and continuing customer support (ALL IN ONE VIEW) -----

Newton is unique in the way it can contextualize unstructured data, handle large realtime data situations, rationalizing informtaion that is being pulled and pushed to CRM, ERP and legacy corporate systems. A new way to apply AI and utilize catalyst events to predict changes in potential outcomes.

‚ÄúContextualization + Artificial Intelligence (AI) = better Productivity‚ÄĚ

Qikspace feature set
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