Newton AI sees it first

Qikspace's Newton AI engine manages; team interactions, project progress and institutional processes. Enabling dynamic teams, reassignment of work and institutional knowledge retention. It is the only solution that enables realtime input of interactions & progress; Inclusive of tasks, events, meetings, virtual-workspaces, files, communications, and supply-chain issues. A simplified visualization is created for the user, a dashboard for the manager, and analytics for the organization. Unlike traditional AI or project and process management software, Qikspace captures ALL the interactions; starting with the sales process through the production process, close-out process and continuing customer support (AN ALL IN ONE VIEW) -----

Newton is unique in the way it handles large realtime data situations, contextualizing and rationalizing information that is being pulled and pushed to CRM, ERP and legacy corporate systems. A new way to apply AI and utilize catalyst events to predict changes in potential outcomes.

“No tagging + Artificial Intelligence (AI) = better Productivity”

Qikspace feature set
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