Qikspace Guiding Principles

As an individual contributor, team manager, or division leader, you are a Qikspace Visionary. Our guiding principles at Qikspace apply to all our visionaries, all team members are guided by these principles.

::1. Customer First

Visionaries make a point of knowing what the customer’s needs are and then adjust their priorities to meet the customers needs. They pay attention to the competition but keep the customer at the forefront of their minds – first, last and always.

::2. Drive Innovation

Visionaries are never satisfied with the conventional option. They come up with new ideas. They invent. They simplify. They look for an innovative solution from everyone, in every situation, every time.

::3. Fear Not

Visionaries are the ones who change the world. They have conviction in their decisions, sound reasoning in their justification, and are prepared to articulate why they are right. They don’t fear the doubters – they convince them.

::4. Attract the Best

Visionaries surround themselves with other visionaries. They develop others’ talents, reward their achievements and ease their failures. Visionaries always learn from their mistakes and emerge stronger and more determined.

::5. Set the Bar High

Visionaries have the highest standards for themselves and expect nothing less from the people around them. They constantly strive to deliver the highest-quality products and services and to produce an unmatchable level of customer satisfaction.

::6. Think Two Steps Ahead

Visionaries adopt the long view, avoiding sacrificing long-term value for short-term results. Acting on behalf of the entire company, visionaries take responsibility and are willing to be wrong repeatedly before they are eventually proven right.

::7. Know That Speed Matters

Taking action and moving boldly forward is a vital part of any business strategy. Visionaries can act quickly and decisively, knowing that overanalyzing a situation frequently does more harm than good. Being first can make up for oft-reversible mistakes.

::8. Be Willing to Self-Analyze

Visionaries can identify what they are good at, what they still need to learn, and what they can delegate as outside their core function. They constantly measure their own progress and the progress of the team, striving to be the best.

::9. Trust Others, Trust Yourself

Visionaries gain the trust of other visionaries – they listen, are genuine, have an open mind, and act with humility. A visionary is always open to the ideas of others and respects their viewpoints, even if they wholeheartedly disagree with them.

::10. Embrace Frugality

Visionaries spend money only on things that ultimately make a real difference to the customer. Frugality breeds resourcefulness, innovation, nimbleness, and a streamlined organization.

::11. Deliver Results

Visionaries understand their assignments thoroughly and produce real results in a timely fashion. Although setbacks may occur, they rise to the occasion and never settle.

"be a visionary ..."

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