Date of Revision: January 24, 2023

Qikspace does not use advertising to keep the apps, websites and services you use free of charge. Qikspace works on a subsidy model were high content providers pay for the services and content offered. We work hard to make sure that content is safe, and as relevant as possible. For example, we terminate the accounts of content providers that violate our policies. Including content that contains malware, copyright infringements or attempt to misuse your personal information.

How Qikspace uses cookies in advertising

Cookies are not used by Qikspace, and we do not track any external activities of the user.

Other technologies used in advertising

Qikspace does not have an advertising system and does not sell your personal activities to third parties. Qikspace provides an AI engine to make your experiences better and more personalized without the need to sell your activity to third party advertisers.

Questions & Contact Information

Questions or comments about the Sites may be directed to Qikspace at the email address

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