Date of Revision: January 28, 2023

Types of location data used by Qikspace

Different types of location information may be used in within Qikspace products. Implicit location information is information that does not actually tell us where your device is located, but allows us to infer that you might be at the place. Implicit location information is used in a variety of ways. For example, if you are in a meeting with others are you in the same location, we infer that you can interact in different ways with that person or persons.

Internet traffic information, such as IP address, is usually assigned in country-based blocks, so it can be used to at least identify the country of your device, and do things such as to provide you with the correct language and locale for search queries. This information is sent as a normal part of internet traffic.

Some services enable the system to determine the type of interaction best suited for all parties involved. As an example: is a party late to a meeting that has started, and needs to be included view mobile video chat. Do you have remote service personnel that need to report progress or receive the next assignment based on their location.

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