Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Date of Revision: January 23, 2023

How Qikspace uses artificial intelligence (AI)

Computers don’t “see” the world the way humans do. AI is a way to augment a users capabilities. Qikspace AI categorizes interactions based on the following:

1) Location
2) Type of Interaction (Meeting, Task, Workspace, Communication)
3) Person Interacted with
4) Categorization of interaction
5) Means of interaction
6) Type of content

What Qikspace does with this information is to categorize it and present it to the user in a manner that assists the user. The volume, velocity, disparity and number of parties interacted with has become unmanageable. Qikspace personalizes this presentation to the individual user and allows you to be able to find billions of pieces of information easily. McKinsey published a report stating that users, prior to Qikspace, spend up to 42% of their day looking for things on the computer.

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