Date of Revision: January 28, 2023

How Qikspace uses pattern recognition to make sense of images and content

Qikspace does not analyze the content of your images, in non-public postings, other than to comply with any copyright laws or regulations. Qikspace does store like content and images, as common files with diffs in order to make the transfer process faster and reduce overall storage. In addition, Qikspace will keep a revision history of images so the user can easily revert changes or find the original image that the changes were made from. It is up to the user to be responsible to comply with any decency and copyright laws and regulations.

Qikspace may view or analyze the content of your videos, images, & files, in public postings and public areas. Qikspace views images and content by electronic and manual means in order to comply with its own decency policy and comply with any regulations, age restrictions, laws or directives that apply to the content, audience, jurisdiction or copyrights. Qikspace uses its own guidelines and the guidelines or directives of the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ). Qikspace reserves the right to remove, edit, distort or otherwise alter content not in compliance.

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